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We offer a full line of coating strippers and sealers for concrete pavers that are non-hazardous and easy to apply

For professionals or homeowners looking for paver sealing and stripping products, Hotsy Orlando is your resource for affordable solutions. We carry the full line of Deco Products, penetrating and topical sealers which are easy to use and nonhazardous. Available in 5-gallon buckets for your convenience. Bring back the beauty and luster to concrete or travertine pavers with the following products:

SilaCast BES - our primary product is a beauty enhancing sealer which creates a wet look to porous concrete surfaces. A non-hazardous polymer emulsion designed to enhance and create a wet look to concrete pavers, roof tiles, and natural stones. SilaCast BES penetrates deep into the substrate enhancing the natural colors of the material. Most competitive products are topical acrylic sealers, which are susceptible to UV Rays and can turn yellow and peel away from the surface – a challenge here in Orlando. Topical sealers also require harsh chemicals to remove after a year or so before applying a new coat. The beauty of choosing SilaCast BES, it does not require stripping!

TravaCast - if you have non-porous materials like Travertine, Spanish Tile or Natural Stone pavers, TravaCast is the acrylic sealer choice. It’s UV protected, has superior adhesion and has excellent chemical resistance and durability…outlasts most other industrial coatings.

StripaCast - is a non-hazardous spray applied liquid stripper designed to help remove and strip old worn out film forming sealers. Apply StripaCast to concrete surfaces such as concrete pavers, tiles and cement surfaces prior to using SilaCast, Deco 20 or TravaCast.

Deco 20 - is a clear penetrating sealer used to seal and protect concrete surfaces from the damaging effects of water. Apply to foundation walls, sidewalks, patios or tile roofs for waterproofing. Protect against moisture intrusion with this one of a kind product, which is water based and non-hazardous and UV resistant. There’s no mixing – ready to use.

Compare our pricing and customer service and you won’t go anywhere else. We stock 5-gallon pails of Deco Products, which are ready to use. Call 407-757-2488 or stop by our shop at 6250 Edgewater Drive in Orlando.