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Pressure Washer Rentals

Looking for a pressure washer rental for a short term cleaning job? Hotsy of Orlando offers commercial strength pressure washer rentals. We’ll show you how to safely operate the pressure washer before leaving and also offer delivery for a fee.

Cold Water Pressure Washer Rental (4000 PSI):
4 Hours: $55.00
Daily: $80.00
Weekend: $130.00
Weekly: $385.00
Hot Water GAS Powered Pressure Washer Rental(3000-3500 PSI):
4 Hours: $140.00
Daily: $185.00
Weekend: $275.00
Weekly: $655.00
Monthly: $1,900.00
Flat Surface Cleaner (attaches to a pressure washer): Watch Video
4 Hours: $25.00
Daily: $40.00
Weekend: $65.00
Weekly: $185.00

Our weekly rates are 7 days at the price of 5. Weekend rates pick up after 2 pm Friday and return by 10 am Monday. Other accessories may be available for rental upon request.
Give us a call today to check availability- 407-757-2488.